Birthday Party Explosion & Rubbermaid All Access Organizers

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Oh the joys of picking up after your kids constantly.  Okay, let’s be honest.  I don’t always pick up after them.  They have to do it themselves, but I throw everything in their rooms a couple times a day just to keep myself sane while I’m in the living room and kitchen.  Otto’s Birthday was this past week and with it came a new influx of toys.  So in traditional mom style, I purged some of the old toys, made room for the new ones, and grabbed myself some Rubbermaid All Access Organizers to get it all done.


Rubbermaid All Access Organizers 1


Home Depot carries these bad boys and you can pick ’em up in blue or teal.  Otto liked the blue, and that was just fine with me.  We grabbed one of each of the two sizes and ran home to clean!


Rubbermaid All Access Organizers 2


The Before.  Really this isn’t too bad.  You can still see the floor and the table isn’t full of stuff.  This is mainly because the kids managed to shove everything under the train table.  It’s packed full of who knows what.  And there’s a big pile of stuff on the other side of the bed.  Keeping up appearances over here.


I grabbed a trash bag and my Rubbermaid All Access Organizers and got to work.  There were 3 categories for stuff.  Keeping It {in the organizers}, This-Should-Be-In-Eddie’s-Room, and TRASH!!  The organizers made it easy to purge the excess.  If it didn’t fit, it didn’t stay.  And voila!  A mom sanity friendly room.


Rubbermaid All Access Organizers 3


Rubbermaid All Access Organizers 4


Otto loves that he can see all his toys.  He especially likes that they open even when they’re stacked {and I like that that stack so easily}.  You just lift up the clear panel in front then it just lowers down.  Of course I can always just take the top lid off like a regular Rubbermaid bin, but the clear panels are the best.  Otto can see everything in the bins so he doesn’t have to dump them out everywhere because he couldn’t find the toy he really wanted.


Rubbermaid All Access Organizers 5

I’ll definitely be going back to Home Depot to get more of these Rubbermaid All Access Organizers.  I think Eddie needs a set in his room, and I definitely need some for the hall closet.  It’s scary.  And I’ll probably get some for all the holidays decorations too.  The list just goes on and on.  At the list is leading to a super organized, and easy to find house.


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