I Heart Purses

I have a purse addiction.  I don’t need a $400 designer purse, I just want every purse that makes me happy.  However, I’ve been good and limited my self to 2 full-sized purses and a handful of clutches.  A girl’s gotta have options.  Believe me, if I had the money there would 30+ purses in this post.

First, my clutch collection.

purses 1
I take the black one everywhere.  I wear a lot of black.
I can’t remember where I got this purse, maybe Target.  I’ve had it forever.
purses 2
This sparkly one from Avon is my favorite clutch. 
Check out the lining!  It makes me happy every time I see it.
purses 3
The yellow one is from Avon too.  It’s my daytime option. 
purses 4

The green is for when I need a little extra room, and the faux alligator texture is fun.

I think I got it at Ross.

Now for the big guns.

My newest love. 
purses 6

I needed a medium-sized purse. 

I love pockets in my purse.  I have to be able to find my keys, phone and lip gloss at all times.  This one even has a really big, totally separate zipper pocket in the back.  It’s another Avon purse.  This one also comes in purple (my favorite color to wear), but a neutral goes with anything.

This is my go to purse…
purses 5

The Black Abyss.  That’s it’s official name.

I got this monster from Old Navy.

When I’m out all day with the boys I usually take a backpack.  It’s practical, but not very fashionable.  I’d rather  When I’m not packing the kitchen sink, even though it would fit in here, I take The Black Abyss.  I can fit everything I need for myself and the boys, and all the things Mike will inevitably ask me to “hold onto” for him (see: sunglasses).

As much as I like having a bag that will hold everything, I HATE never being able to find anything.  If it’s not the size of a football, I can’t find it in under two minutes. 

If you have this problem too you’re in luck.  I found this tutorial from Fresh Crush.  If you have some fabric scraps and an empty cereal box, then you are good to go.  The tutorial Fresh Crush does is so easy to follow and she took lots of pictures. I’ll just let you click on over.  {I’m not being lazy, I’m spreading blog love.  Don’t judge me!  Purse pictures are hard work.}

I’m hoping this purse organizer is going to help my sanity when Thing 2 is trying to squirm out of the death grip I have around his waist with my left while I dig through my bag with my right hand, as it hangs on for dear life from my shoulder.  All while Thing 1 is telling my he’s hungry (“don-ee”) a million times.

Happy Thursday!


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