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It’s been of month of inspiration around the blog.  I’ve pushed myself to start taking on projects and it’s been fun.  So I got to thinking, what if I did a challenge project?  I’m not crafty enough to come up with odd project bases, but I know food.  Yep, I sure do.

That’s how Get Your Chef On was born.  Bloggers could sign up and participate in a secret ingredient cooking challenge.  Sweet, savory, hot, cold…anything they want to cook that features the secret ingredient.  Think Iron Chef, but bloggy like.  Challenges are fun, but they are way more funner (yes I know that was bad grammar, don’t care) with a friend.  I couldn’t think of anyone better to co-host this challenge series than Jen from Four Marrs & One Venus.  The Kevin Braugh to my Alton Brown.  {Yes I get to be AB}



Jen is the biggest sweetheart and I’m so glad we’ve become friends.  She has three boys, so she gets all the weird situations that come up with having a male dominated household.  Jen is also crafty and likes to cook.  She always has cool stuff on her blog.  Like her Dumpy Chair to Benchy Flair and DIYMod Podge Letters
Okay, so here’s how it works.  Every two months, we will post the secret ingredient for the coming round of Get Your Chef On.  You have two weeks to sign up and posts will go up two weeks after sign up ends.  One week after posts go up, Jen and I will share everyone’s creations on our blogs.  Join in as often as you like.  I’m sure this will become an excuse to make recipes I’ve been sitting on for a while for me. 
To join Get Your Chef On –
  1. Link up your blog to the linky list below.  We’d love to know who’s cooking along with us this month!
  2. Share a NEW recipe post on your blog that features the secret ingredient.  Make anything you want.
  3. Follow both the co-hosts – Four Marrs & One Venus and White Lights on Wednesday
  4. If you want, grab a Get Your Chef On button so everyone knows you’re part of this month’s challenge.

This month’s secret ingredient:

Sign up ~ April 10th thru April 24th
Post to Your Blog on ~ May 8th
Co-Host Features on ~ May 15th

Ready.  And…go!


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    Okay, so now, somehow I've linked up twice. Well…apparently I'm not so good at this computer thing. You'd think a computer science degree would take care of that! Sorry!

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