Foodie Pen Pals – July

It’s no secret I’ve fallen in love with the idea of getting mystery packages in the mail.  It all started with the Covert Robin gift exchange.  After that, I was hooked.  Who would I be paired with?  What would come in that unassuming box?  WHEN IS IT GOING TO GET HERE???

The Lean Green Bean

I’m better now, I swear.  I was over the moon when I found out about Foodie Pen Pals.  As fun as all the crafty exchanges have been, the thought of getting a box of edible goodies was too much.  So of course I signed up immediately.  The spin on Foodie Pen Pals is that the person you send a box to is NOT the same person sending you a box.  Craziness.

I got the best partner for my very first round.  Rachel lives in San Francisco and was delighted to send me some local goodies.  Double win since my cousin lives in San Fran and I can let him in on the great places where Rachel got my goods.  Ready?  here we go.

My deliciousness and a love note from Rachel.
479 degrees Popcorn: Black Truffle + White Cheddar
Bacon Caramel Corn from Bacon Bacon
Judy’s Breadsticks: Somewhat Seedy Galicky Toasted Bites — YUM!!!
Stonehenge Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Enough said.  Maybe not, these cookies are really really good.
I haven’t broken into these bars yet.  I’ll keep you posted.
They are in my desk at work for when I have a big craving moment.
Rachel is completely intuitive.
I came home from work on a Tuesday to find Rachel’s box waiting for me.
It was so innocent.
So of course I busted out a knife and ripped into it.
Needless to say after taking inventory of the contents, you’re all lucky any of this made it through the night for pictures.
I can’t wait for next month.
You can sign up for Foodie Pen Pals HERE.
Pairs are emailed on the 5th.
Boxes go out by the 15th.
Posts go up on the last day of the month.
This group is very conscious of dietary restrictions and making sure everyone gets foods that are appropriate to their needs/tastes.  So fear not!
Check out what I sent my partner HERE.


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