DIY Butterfly Garden Keepsake Box

I’m branching out of my regular comfort zone today, and we’re getting crafty!  I love doing craft and DIY projects, even if I don’t always have time for them during the day to day.  It’s something fun to do, and I love to sit back and know I made something cool.  When I got the chance to work with the new line of Martha Stewart Decoupage  products I was super excited.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 7


I got a big box of decoupage products to use, and as soon as I unpacked I knew exactly what I would make.  So many goodies!!


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 1


I’ve had this box I got as a gift hanging around my room for a while now.  It’s cute and all, but not really me.  I grabbed the box, got painting and decoupaging, and tah-dah!  Awesome keepsake box!  Ready?  Here we go.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 3



Medium sized fabric covered box

Martha Stewart Decoupage Brush Set

Martha Stewart Decoupage Fabric Die-Cuts  {butterfly set}

Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint  {satin finish}

Martha Stewart Decoupage Fabric-to-Fabric Durable Matte Finish Adhesive

Small bowl




Pour your paint into the small bowl.  Using the large decoupage brush, apply paint all over the outside of the box.  Set aside to let paint dry completely.  I needed two coats to cover the original pattern on the box – let paint fully dry in between coats.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 4


Choose the butterfly die-cut pieces you want to use.  I combine the butterflies, leafs, and lady bugs to give the box a garden effects, and not jst btuterflies in the sky.  The boys LOVED all the bugs and butterflies.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 2


Using the decoupage adhesive and smaller brush, apply a coat of adhesive to the back of the die-cut.  Sit the die-cut to the box in your desired location.  Repeat all over the box with more die-cuts.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 5


Wait about 10 to 15 minutes to let the adhesive set a little.  Then, apply a coat of adhesive all over the box and die-cuts to seal the shapes in.  Apply a thin-ish even coat.  Those white patches your seeing aren’t what you want.  Try to avoid puddles like the ones below.  You’ll want to go over the whole box so there is an even finish when the adhesive dries.


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 6


And then you get an easy peasey butterfly box.  Put your treasures in here and keep them safe.

I love how easily the pieces curved around the box to give it a cohesive, all over look.

If you’re using a paper or wood box, grab some Martha Stewart Decoupage Multi-Surface adhesive and paper die-cuts instead!


DIY Butterfly Gardne Box 8


You can find more great products and project ideas from Martha Stewart Decoupage and Plaid by following them on:

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This post is sponsored by Plaid.  I received product and compensation for my work.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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