Blogging: Income – September 2013

Sept 2013


Hi everyone & Donna!  🙂  Thanks for stopping by to get the deets on September’s blog income.  There is good and bad news this month, mostly good, but a reality check too.  I’ll get into that in a minute.  But first, let take a look at the cold hard numbers.



Income | $1,556.53

Collective Bias – Smart & Final  $225.00

SocialSpark – Manwich  $200.00

Clever Girls Collective – Kleenex Hand Towels  $250.00

Clever Girls Collective – Kraft Recipe Makers  $275.00

Clever Girls Collective – Green Giant Veggie Chips  $100.00

Google AdSense (August)  $102.54

BluePrint Social – Super Buddies  $100.00

BluePrint Social – Martha Stewart Decoupage  $50.00 + product

Virtual Assistant  $194.00

Expenses | $56.66

Hello Bar Pro  $4.99

Juggling Act Mama Event  $18.00

StudioPress – Lifestyle Pro Theme  $33.71

Total Income $1,499.87


So if you hadn’t noticed yet, not like you’d miss it.  I completely changed my blog design.  I did this last month too on my blog birthday.  I had issues with the theme giving me what I needed, so Tuesday I overhauled everything (again) and now I’m finally happy.  Love the layout, the fell, the colors, and the way my NEW business cards are going to look.  The ones I had at Blended were intense.


Speaking of, last weekend I attended the Blended Conference here in Arizona.  It’s put on by Wendy from Around My Family Table and Wendy from Choosing Love.  It was great!  There were some ladies I knew, and others I didn’t.  I found a new blogging friend that lives like 20 minutes away!  So excited for that!!  I learned a TON, and have plans to start working it all into the blog ASAP.


The Speakers


Maureen from Wisconsin Mommy

Kimberly from A Night Owl

Christine from Cook the Story  {we finally got to meet in person!!}

Ari from Ari’s Menu

Nicole from The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie

and the Wendy-s

A little Online BlogCon girls at Blended picture.  I’m the redhead.  Obvs.

OBC at Blended

Let’s just say I’m revamping my media kit, going to start killing it on Instagram, talking myself into getting in front of the camera, and a whole lot more.  These speakers were amazing, especially Maureen.  Her insight from the other side of the PR email was priceless.

I’m excited to say I picked up another contributing gig last month.  I’m making collections for Joan over at Chocolate, Chocolate and More!  I have had a blog crush on Joan for a while.  She’s so blog business smart, and crazy good at Google+.  I can’t wait to learn more from her.  And if you my first collection here ya go.

So back to money.  I’m up from last month!  That’s the good news.  I had a lot of sponsored post payments come in, Google Adsense paid out two months in a row, and I’m still a VA.  It’s crazy to think I was 3/4 of the way to my base income goal so I can quick the day job and blog full time.  The bad news, I said there was bad news.  I’m looking at this month – October.  I’m no where near where I need to be.  I’m talking like $500+ for income.  Why?  I didn’t have as many paid posts last month and at the end of August, and my ads aren’t paying out as much I’d like to dream they will some day.  So that’s the reality of all of this.  Not just making money blogging and hitting a base line, but getting above the baseline.  Knowing I don’t have to worry about a $1,000 drop from one month to the next.  November will be fine, but October…not so much.

But let’s get back to the happy while I hatch a brilliant plan to turn my frown upside down, shall we?

Traffic is up!  The holidays are starting and I’m buying what the season is selling!!

Sept 2

See the spike on the 29th?  That’s the day my collection went live on Joan’s blog.  Joan has MAJOR facebook sharing power and loyal readers.  I’m just glad they liked my work enough to check me out.  But overall I’m nearing the 100,000 views per month mark.  I’m 1/3 of the way to one of my new blogging goals.

While the end game goal is to blog full time.  I now have milestone goals for each quarter – UVMs, pageviews, social media networks, and email.  I’m got plans kids and I aim to push and get there.  I’m tracking once a week so I can see the changes and where I need to focus more attention and what’s growing with my normal blogging behavior.  I’ll be doing a quarterly check in of these goals – real #’s vs. goal #’s – in that month’s blog income report.

While linking up for others as part of my Virtual Assistant business, I started actively linking myself up again after months off the circuit.  It’s paid off a bit.  Let’s look at referral traffic.

Spet 3

Yay for Facebook getting in the top 5 mix!  I’ve been putting in some more effort there, even if I hate the algorithms and pay to promote antics, Facebook is still on my “share here” list.  It helps get me paid too so it’s a must.  Will Cook for Smiles, Lady Behind the Curtain, and The Country Cook are all link party referrals.  While not everyone stays at a party to click around, features help get you noticed a lot and can boost traffic.  I know which parties I’ll be making an effort to keep linking to now.

I hopped around ad networks last month.  I’m currently running Google AdSense, Rivit Media, and 3 Interactive.  I got back on the train for a minute, but I just don’t like the look of their ads.  I’m weird like that.  I’d love to get my DFP hooked up and really maximize my placement and payment opportunities.

If you know anyone who can teach me DFP, I’ll pay.  Leave me their info in the comments.  PLEASE.

{I don’t have enough traffic for AdThrive…yet.}

The increased traffic is great.  It helps my ad money go up because there are more impressions and chances for click through, but I need my ads set up the right way.  I know my ads can be a solid income base and push me where I need to be.

I’m working on some plans for the new year to start generating income that I control.  More to come.  But let’s say it’ll be delicious!

I know some of you are dedicated income report readers, and thank you for that.  But what do you want to know?  What haven’t I covered?  What do you want me to find out more about?  What suggestions do you have?  I want to grow as a blogger and the best way to do that is by talking with other bloggers.  So let’s have it kids!


  1. says

    I know you’ve talked about this some, but could you discuss each of the ad networks you’ve tried, the pros and cons of each, and why you selected the ones your with now? And what are the criteria for being selected (if known)? Google Adsense doesn’t like my blog, and I have no idea why. (Promise everything is kosher–I’m not a spam blogger!). Thanks a bunch!

    • says

      I would be happy to! I’m setting up DFP next week and I’ll be able to go into more detail about how that works and I’ll talk about my ad networks on next month’s report. 🙂

  2. says

    I had a really good income month too (like half of yours, but good for me) & October is going to suck. I’ve had over 100K views/month the last three months but I need to switch up my ad networks to make that work for me. The redesign looks really good – I like this one a lot.

    • says

      I’m so glad to hear you had a good month too! It’s so not about I made v. she made. If it was good for you, kick ass! I would cry if I compared myself to a lot of other ladies I know. 😉 Thanks for the design love. I’m much happier. Ads is seriously where it’s at. I need to get this figured at ASAP!

  3. says

    Congrats on the increased income and new gig working with Joan!! That’s awesome! Your monthly income reports are so helpful! So, the last Pinch of Yum income report made me realize that I need to find some additional ways to make money. Right now, my entire income is just from ads (I would love to find someone who could do DFP for me, too). I have a media kit, but I have no idea how to get myself out there and start building relationships with brands and getting those paid opportunities.
    PS -We’re going to be moving to AZ, so I’m so excited that I’ll be able to go to conferences like Blended next year, too!!

  4. says

    I just discovered you from the Will Cook for Smiles link party and I’m so excited. I have been blogging for years, but it was to get me clients (I’m a real estate agent) and help get my listings sold. In the last year, I’ve decided I want to turn the blogging itself into an income stream and have gotten serious about my lifestyle blog. Right now I’m doing nothing. The only ads I’ve tried are Amazon affiliate links, and due to a new law in Missouri, Amazon stopped working with MO bloggers…which isn’t a big loss since after years of occasional links I made about $10.

    Which ad networks would you suggest for a blog that doesn’t have as much traffic? I averaged about 7000 unique visitors/month for the last 90 days. Just not sure how to get started.

    • says

      I’m looking into different networks currently, and will be sharing more about this in next month’s report. For now, Google AdSense is a pretty easy place to start. You just go to their site, create ads in the size you want, and place the codes. You can have up to 3 AdSense ads on your site at once. Ads placed above “the fold” – what you see when your site first opens usually pay the most. They only release funds when you account balance is 100+ (they pay on the 24th of the following month). It is a place to start. 🙂

  5. says

    HOLY MOLY! That is AMAZING! I dream of doing this, and I’m learning that it takes tons of really hard work and very late nights! 😉 I was proud of myself for dong my very first sponsored post this month and made almost $100. Haha, but WOW! GREAT job! If you would like to share any tips at all I promise I will read them 😉

  6. says

    Love the new look, Julie! However, I’m a little disappointed at Studiopress. From their earlier blog posts, people with the legacy Lifestyle theme would be able to upgrade with the responsive Lifestyle theme came out. It doesn’t look like that is an option. Boo. When I have time to redo my site to get it exactly like it is now, I will purchase the newest lifestyle theme.

    Thanks for sharing your income! I had my first $1000+ month in August. It’s exciting! I’m about to post my stats for last month on my blog. The income wasn’t as much for September but it was still decent!

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  7. says

    September is my 1st full month at YUM and it really picked up. Although I have a LONG way to go to break into numbers like this, its a huge improvement from my August income which didn’t even make $1. I love your new theme. It is similar to the StudioPress Balance theme- the one I had on YUM but was having a hard time getting the logo/header. Then I bought a premade theme and it didn’t do what I wanted. Now I have a freebie theme that I need to get rid of ASAP. The good thing is since the launch of YUM my other websites are starting to pick up and I am motivated to write on them more – which means I am also motivated to rebrand them and move them off Blogger.

    Thank you for being so open and sharing your success!

    • says

      Hi Chrystal! I got your email, I’m looking into the Balance theme now. I’m currently using the LifeStyle Pro theme. I’d be happy to help. I’ll email you shortly.

  8. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    I’m new to Arizona (we moved here in April) and I learned about the Blended Conference from Sheryl at Lady Behind the Curtain …. but I couldn’t go this year because I went to Chicago instead! But there’s always next year, right?!

    I wish I understood all of the DFP mess …. I have heard it makes a huge difference! Love your new look, btw 🙂

    • says

      Jamie! I didn’t know you were here! What part of AZ are you in? Jessi from Practically Functional just walked me through setting up DFP yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it next month and I can explain the details for everyone more then. I hope to see you at Blended next year – and maybe before then?!?!?

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