Blogging: Income – May 2013

May 2013


Welcome back to my blog income series.  There’s a little change in format this month.  In keeping with the blog that inspired this series – Pinch of Yum – I’m going to start including my blog expenses in these posts.  Cause let’s be honest, blogs cost money.  Sometimes it’s a bit here and there.  Other times I save up for bigger things, like my WordPress move.  But in the end, it’s not all profit.  I had thought about sharing income and expenses from the get go, but I didn’t.  Probably because Bjork wasn’t.  But now, with the difference I saw at Pinch of Yum, I think it’s important do give the whole picture.  I want this to be an accurate journey towards the “my blog is my income” goal.


The Breakdown

The Income | $653.00

Product Review of Adobe Lightroom – $143.00 (ARV)

Elvis Ad Space – $10

The SITS Girls Home Depot eGift Card – $50

The SITS Girls Home Depot Series Payment #1 – $450.00


The Expenses | $59.35

Online BlogCon Registration – $39.85

Photographing FOOD Vol. 4 & 5 – $10.00

Frugal Foodie Mama Ad Space – $9.50

Total Income $593.65


A little comparison why I want to look at all angles.




Pinch of Yum’s April income report shows a $3,700 difference from the previous month!  That’s because they’re factoring in the expenses of paying affiliates, and so on (you can click over for deets).  It’s still a crazy drop to see.  Lucky for me, their net income (after expenses) is still well over what I would need to make to quit my job and be a full-time mom and blogger again.  Which is my end game at this point.  So from now on, I’ll be factoring in any expenses directly related to the blog on my income reports.  Yeah.


A few updates, for fun.  I decided I couldn’t stand my “Cook It. Bake It. Eat It.” blog tagline.  So I chose a new one that I feel better personifies myself and where my blog is now, and I gave the old girl a little makeover.  Somewhat in preparation for my WordPress Design Basics post next month.  But I love the new tagline and the new colors.  It all feel like a breath of fresh air.  I’m also taking on some contributors.  The group is looking great so far.  I’m hoping to expand my blog’s topic range and generate some new traffic for myself and my contributors) with the changes.  That I want to take a little step by from how much I’m “plugged in” as Mike calls it, and this seems like the best way for me.  I’ll be introducing everyone in a post later this month.


may.traffic graph


Back to business.  Traffic.  My page views are slightly down, which kind of seems like the trend the last few months.  Nothing crazy, but not going up either.  I’m thinking things are going to explode in the fall, like they did last year, when everyone is holiday crazy and looking for all kinds of goodies on Pinterest and online.  Finger crossed.


I made a couple back end changes too.

First, I set up custom channels for my AdSense ads, learned how to get an ad at the bottom of my post (in the content area), and see what Google Analytics projects my AdSense income to be.  To set up custom channels, check out THIS HANG OUT.  These ladies will walk you through step-by-step with screenshots and everything.  You’re income may take a mini drop, but you’ll be able to see what you’re getting paid for each ad space too.  And this can help you build a foundation to price ad space on your blog for third-party companies.  I used the Quick Adsense plugin by Quicksense to put the ad in my content area.  It was really easy to do.


May.GA AdSense


On your left-side tool bar, go to Content >AdSense > Overview.  This will show you, based on your actual traffic, what your AdSense revenue will most likely be.  I’m still learning all the million things I can learn about my readers and my blog in Google Analytics.  This projected revenue number from Google Analytics was almost spot on to what I made from AdSense last month = $76.19.  As opposed to the $93.43 estimated earnings AdSense told me I was making.  Shenanigans!!


Second, I created a site map for the blog.  My friend Kelley was telling me a bigger blogger she knows said that after switching to WP your numbers can drop if you don’t have your site map configured.  I don’t know if this is something you should have done in general or not, but I’m up for anything that might help.  So I followed the post directions Kelley sent me.  I maxed out the 500 page index allowance, and installed what I had.  So here goes nothin’.


Traffic sources are as expected.  I did notice how much traffic is coming from feedburner, either as email click overs or through feed…so that’s good.  Also, it seems that prioritizing Pinterest and Facebook is still a good decision since they are also in my top 10 sources, regular and mobile.  I have been on twitter more, but it’s not making the list yet.  Instagram just seems like something fun, and it where I share more of my life than just blog stuff.


may.traffic all


Referral traffic had a fun little surprise with Chef in Training making the list.  I’ve been featured in a some of the new recipe collections Nikki is featuring (with Lisa contributing).  I also need to get off my butt and learn more about Stumble Upon too, cause they’re on my list and I’m NEVER on there.


may.traffic referral


That’s it for now I guess.  Lots of changes made; hopefully most for the long term better as building stones.  See you next month!


    • Julie says

      I’m so glad Kelley!! I’m hoping to have some more ad info next month after a Google Double Click class I’m planning to take about ad stacking.

  1. says

    I love these posts. I’m in the process of moving from to (it is taking forever because I am waiting for someone to help me) and then I can put in my affiliate links and get paid for things. but my hope is to start generating some income. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Awesome information Julie 🙂 It’s nice to see how things work for regular blogs, and not just the big ones! I am learning a lot, not sure how much my brain is absorbing sometimes, but I keep coming back and re-reading until it sinks in!!!

  3. says

    Good income report here, am so much interested to read other income reports to see how they are doing and learn a thing from them. congrats!

  4. says

    You girls are really milking it 😉 I am a long time reader of pinch of yum but today I discovered your blog through Google. I also write up my income reports on my blog & my wife do try food blogging. Gonna ask her to follow yours. Monthly income reports really make sense and keep us bloggers on track to see how our income is improving or not.
    Thanks for sharing, best luck for future blogging.

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