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March 2013.1


Welcome to month three of my blog income tracking series.  This month WLOW is on an upswing, per the usual, which always gives me an extra big warm fuzzy “I can do this!” feeling.  Now I just need to keep this going!


The Breakdown:

Tasty Food Photography eBook by Pinch of Yum: $9.50

Freelance post link: $95.00

The SITS Girls ~ Minute Rice Campaign: $30

Pollinate Media Group ~ PEOPLE Magazine Double Oscar Issue: $175.00

SocialSpark ~ Avocados from Mexico: $70.56

WLOW Ad Space: $15.00



Sponsored posts were definitely my biggest source of income.  The posts I got paid on were from last month, but it all ads up.  This is why I have roller coasted blog income.  Post one month, get paid the  next.  And I sold my second ad space ever!  I’m a big fan of giving away ad spaces – free is fun, but I really would like to make more money off ad spaces.  I’m dedicating myself to really working hard to promote my sponsors on social media so my influence makes sponsoring WLOW worth it!


I think one of the biggest changes to my income has been moving around my AdSense placements.  You’re probably thinking, “Julie, there is no AdSense in your income breakdown for this month.”  I know.  But I’ve seen the numbers and wowzers!  Let’s look.



See that?!?  February made me $24.11 from AdSense.  March was more than double!!  I’ll be sharing some things I tried to up my income and the results I’ve seen as a result – in detail – with next month’s report.


Let’s look at traffic.  You get to find out what’s popular for your readers, your best sources, and if people are really sticking around or just opening and closing your site.




My traffic has actually been on a decline the last couple months – definitely since the winter holidays ended.  I totally expected this.  Now it’s about building traffic up without the extra holiday hubub getting people over to my site.  My top post is still the Chicken Cordon Bleu that went viral on Pinterest back at the beginning of November, but other posts are starting to create some extra interest in the blog.


One thing I’ve done to really help maximize my Pinterest traffic is network, in small groups, with other bloggers to have pinning parties.  Once a week or a couple times a week we share two posts we’d like to have pinned.  The group pins and you get your posts out to broader circles.  It’s a great way to support each other and a lot of bloggers I know are on insanely large group boards and that can drive A LOT of traffic.  It’s as simple as asking a few friends if they want to have a group, make your own FB group, and decide how often you want to have a mini pinning party.  It’s about fun and exposure and networking.


I always like to look at referrals for the month when doing these income reports.  Did things change?  Is there a site that I need to know more about since they are generating traffic for me?  Let’s see.




Pinterest, no shock here, is still #1 and #4.  All those whitelightsonwednesday.blogspot referrals are redirected links from before I move to WordPress – so I don’t really count those – sorry Blogger.  SomethingSwanky is still in the top 5 – Hi Ashton!!  I’m still having tons of fun contributing for other blogs.  Facebook showing up is expected too.  Outside of Pinterest, FB is the social media I’m most active in.  Keri from Shaken Together was nice enough to feature me as part of a breakfast round up and that has her showing up in the top 10 referrals for March.


But and  Hello #3 and #9 traffic sources, what are you and where did you come from?  After some research I found out is a sharing site a la here’s-a-picture-get-the-recipe-here type page.  They share recipes, crafts, DIY, all sorts of stuff, and the whole place is kind of like one big on going round up of stuff they liked.  I have noticed that the more recent recipe posts have the full ingredient list shown, but with a link back to the blog it’s from from the full recipe directions.  I’m fine with sites that push traffic back to the source and share responsibly.  So thanks for spreading the WLOW love. is a shortened link site to make your page URLs smaller – not sure who used this to link back to me, but hey…whatever works.


So all in all this month – more money from ads (to be seen in next month’s income report), and some good sponsored posts that paid.  Now I just need to keep the momentum!  Happy Blogging!!


    • Julie says

      I use Google+ sometimes. I really should do better. I’m horrible about remembering to post there, but Google is #4 overall (organic traffic) and Google+ is #53 for my referral traffic as of today.

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