Blogging: Income – June 2013

June 2013 Income


Welcome to June’s WLOW income breakdown.  This month was a little lower than the previous two months, but not a big giant {almost no income} drop like I was used to before.  I’m calling it a win.  Let’s get to the nitty gritty.  Money…


The Breakdown

The Income | $313.54

Social Spark – Arby’s Hawaiian Sandwiches $75

Social Spark Referral $1.83

Google AdSense (April & May) $161.71

Social Spark – TUMS $75.00

Passionfruit Ads $21.19

The Expenses | $24.99

Photobucket $2.99

Snap It or Bake It Giveaway $22

Total Income $288.55


While this is about a $300 hit from last month, there are a few bigger money posts I’ll be getting paid on this month so it’ll balance out.  Two of my favorite things that happened in June were that I got my contributors in place so I can have a little more Julie time and my traffic numbers started going up again!  I was getting worried.  Let’s look and I’ll explain.


June 1



June was a major turn around point for me.  You see the 16th?  The day before I bottomed out at just over 800 page views.  I can’t remember the last time I had been that low.  It was the working trend for months.  My views kept getting lower and lower.  I think the steam from my most viral Pinterest post had finally run out.  I don’t know.  I didn’t get on the July 4th bandwagon either.  I can never decide if going uber holiday spirit post happy is worth the trouble.  You can see the  decline below.


June 4



And then there’s the uphill climb.  That’s June 15th…the low point.  Then on the 16th I posted one of my mom’s favorite recipes Fresh Vegetable Salad.  It could have been the giveaway, seasonally appropriate recipe, or the Shamrock Farms flavored sour cream integration {and social sharing from Shamrock Farms as a result}, but that post has been doing great!  I know it’s a major source of traffic, but why?  This is what the whole viral blogging “my brain hurts from trying to hit a home run” craziness comes from.  I’ll be honest.  I’d quit trying.  I was just posting stuff I liked and trying to make a better effort at my pictures.  I’ve done a couple food blogger events, but otherwise nothing really special.  I swear 9 times out of 10, it’s all about getting lucky.


Last month I talked about setting up custom channels on AdSense.  I was hoping I would be able to get a more accurate picture of where I was making money on my blog and get my income more stable.  Well guess what.  It worked!!  My actual AdSense income was only about $2-ish difference, and I can see which ads on my site are making what money.  Stability is fabulous!


June 3



I also made a blog career decision.  I’m now officially offering my services as a Virtual Assistant.  If you want to know more about my rates and services available, check out my Virtual Assistant page.  So what’s the deal?  Why would you pay someone to do blog stuff for you?  So you can stop doing the blog tasks that are eating up your time!  Get those 30 minutes back you wanted for that pedicure.  The kids are napping?  Skip linking up to parties and grab a nap or some well deserved quite time instead!!  Take advantage of my Pinterest following and group board exposure.  Love giveaways and bog events, but hate being in charge.  I can help!  I’m here to keep your blog from getting the best of you, and let you enjoy blogging again.


VA Header



I’m hoping to start {slowly} branching into blog design a little too.  One of my girlfriends has asked me to help her start blogging, like from the ground up.  I’m really excited to help her and to help her make the most of her blogging experience right out of the gate.  Since I’ll be helping her design her blog, I’m hoping to learn as I go and start building my repertoire to design for others.  Not just Kerri and myself.


Okay.  I think that’s pretty much all the new stuff right now.  I have some fun stuff to tell you about next month and a big pay bump and I’m totally stoked about.  See you in July for more blog income talk!


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    I really like this indepth look at where money is coming from and going to with your blog! It looks like Social Spark is really working for you!

  2. says

    These posts are always so helpful for me to read, Julie. I think that the summer has been rooooooough. And I think that when you post what you love and not what you think will do well, it always goes better. At least that has been the case for me 🙂

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    Thanks again for the in-depth look! I love seeing where exactly bloggers are making their money. I haven’t done much with the blog lately because of the move and Jer being out of school but with Halloween right around the corner I am trying to get things rolling again and looking for ways to increase my traffic and monetization.There has been some really suspicious activity going on with AdSense ever since they changed their algorithm in April. I was looking forward to getting a payout this month but it turns out that my finalized earnings for April were down 58% from the estimated earnings!! After reading several forums, it seems that everyone had this problem that same month but Google hasn’t released any statements addressing the issue. They just have their generic facts stating that discrepancies between estimated and finalized earnings are due to “invalid clicks”. It seems unlikely that everyone had such a high number of invalid clicks in the same month. They seem to have finally gotten the bugs worked out (my earnings for June were only off by six cents) but there were people who lost thousands of dollars in April. 🙁

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