Blogging: Income – July 2013

July 2013


Hi everyone!  Welcome to a new month and another look at my blogging income.  This month was a slight increased over June.  I was expecting to have more of a WOW number to show you, but I’m still waiting on a big check.  Oh well.  August’s income is going to look sick!  Let’s look at July though.


The Breakdown

Income | $350.00

Clever Girls Collective – MommyJuice Wine  $100

SocialSpark – Avocados from Mexico & Rick Bayless  $250.00

Expenses | $30.99

Photobucket  $2.99

Pingraphy  $28.00

Total Income $319.01


First I want to look at my traffic for July & June.  There’s a difference.  I big difference for me, and I’m excited.  We’ll talk about why I think this happened next.  First July:




OMG that I’m over 2,000 views per day a bit.  It’s been forever – or at least it feels that way.  But let’s take a look at June & July and maybe you’ll understand why I’m so excited for the increase.




Way lower in June.  Maybe numbers are more your thing, not graphs.




Only 20,000 page views of doubling June’s views.  That’s huge!  {for me}  My referral traffic is the usual.  Tons and tons of traffic from Pinterest.  A good push from Something Swanky.  Yay for contributing.  Some traffic from Chef in Training, Frugal Foodie Mama, and Mom’s Test Kitchen – all thanks to their collection posts I’m in.  I always think it’s fun to see what search words are bringing readers my way.  Let’s look!




Good to know Jack Daniel’s and I are still friends.  🙂  Okay, so let’s talk why I’m thinking this traffic push happened.  It wasn’t just a couple day spike, it’s been keeping up.  Which is extra awesome since I’ve not on the back to school bandwagon.  I still have another year or two before I have to freak out about giving my baby to someone else.


I’m 97% sure this all has to do with Pinterest, and 3% sure it’s what on the blog.  I made some changes to my Pinterest boards at the beginning of July, and I got a little more proactive with them too.  Check it.




First thing I did:  Finally make myself a blog pin board.  I’ve always pinned my blog posts to my specific recipe boards – Beef, Cake, Drink Me, etc.  It wasn’t that I’m against pinning my own stuff (quite the contrary), but I didn’t know why I would need a board for all my stuff in one place.  Now I get it.  Not only that, I moved all the boards for things on the blog (GYCO, Menu Plans, and Bacon Month) to the top so they get the most exposure.  WLOW, Menu Plans, and GYCO will always be at the top, and then I can rotate whatever current thing I have going on in the 4th spot – like the board for my contributors.  Then the boards progress into food categories – I’m a food blogger primarily and people expect to see that from me.  Then I move to blogging, my stuff, wedding dreams (what girl doesn’t have this?), beauty, fashion, stuff around the house, and then all my group boards (in the same general progression).  The group boards are at the bottom.  I want readers to see just me boards first so they can get a feel for me, before seeing what everyone and their mom is pinning.  Hi Mom!


I started scheduling them using Pingraphy.  They would go live every 10 minutes between 7pm and 9pm.  But Pingraphy didn’t always work right so I just started pinning them myself.  I would do 10 posts, one right after the other, in the morning or evening (or both) when I could find time.  I really didn’t see certain pins getting more exposure just because of the “peak pinning time,” so I just did my own thing.  Getting your old posts back in the mix will work wonders.  I’ve had post do better than all the others.  My it’s the whole Christmas in July attitude, but I’ll take it.

christmas cookie tree

The pin on the top is the one on my WLOW board.  It was one of the board, and one of my older posts – I started at the beginning (bad pictures and all) and pinned forward – from December 8, 2011.  The pin on the bottom is the original pin.  I pinned it to my Christmas board when I wrote the post, and had A LOT less Pinterest followers.  See the difference?  It’s never to late to start.


Oh!  And big props to vertical pictures.  If you are giving a vertical picture option in your post, you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice.  Vertical pictures take up more real estate on your Pinterest streaming page, and that my friends gives you a better chance to get noticed, pinned, and repinned.


Next, group boards.  Yes, I’m in some group boards.  I used to be in a lot more, but I got picky.  I’d see crap in my Pinterest stream – shoes on food boards, pins that only go to theiving give other people’s hard work away so they get ad revenue sites, stuff I didn’t like at all.  So I cut the fluff.  I only kept the boards with content I liked.  If there were two dinner boards, I kept the one with the higher follower number.  Simple.  Now here’s the important thing – Don’t Forget to Pin to These Boards.  Group boards can help get tons of exposure.  They reach a wide audience, widen than your own, and one little pin can go off!


Taking my own advise, I finally starting pinning to the Something Swanky Contributors board Ashton made us.  This board is for Meghan, Becca, and me to pin our posts to and Ashton’s 24,000+ followers of that board get to see it.  Score!  I only pin desserts to this board since that’s Ashton’s niche.  Gotta give the people what they want.  It’s be great, and I can see the repin results.




So where does all this lead?  New readers (hopefully), exposure, getting the WLOW name out there?  Yes, but also it helps my end game goal > blogging as my full-time income.  More traffic = more ad money and a leg to stand on when I ask more money for sponsored posts.  July was the first month I legitimately made over $100 on AdSense.  As in no $50 drop from my estimated earnings giving me a heart attack.  It’s kind of a big deal for me since you need $100 minimum to get paid each month, and I’ve been running every other month on cashouts.  So yay for money every month!  {knock on wood}


I’m really excited to announce I have my first Virtual Assistant client –  Cindy from A Living Balance.  Okay, it’s my aunt, but I’m getting paid and starting to do the blog services I’m good at.  And and and…since I had a contributor spot open up, Cindy is going to be sharing health and wellness posts with all of you.  She’ll be sharing healthy recipes, and other good for your mind and body information.  Mike and I are trying to make strides in our weight loss and I know a dietary change is in order.  I’m looking forward to Cindy’s help.


I’m also helping my girlfriend Kerri start a blog – from scratch.  We’re using Blogger so she can get her blogging feet wet.  But I’m SUPER excited to help her, do her blog design, and give her all the knowledge to start the best way possible from square one.  This will also give me the change to put together a “Start Your Own Blog” series to share later.  I’ll be including not only all the tips I’m giving Kerri, but also her questions, impressions, and thoughts on the process.


July was a good month.  Lots of stuff in the works, a big check in the mail (soon hopefully!), and my first blog design gig.  So excited. Be on the look out for a big announcement on Saturday too.  It’s going to make August the happiest month ever!


    • Julie says

      Pinterest is the almost always the biggest traffic source when I talk to other bloggers. So worth a little extra love for yourself.

  1. says

    Hi, Julie,

    Amazed and grateful that you share the monies involved! It’s so fascinating, and even if some of us aren’t there yet, we can be happy for you, since you are a winner in the blog lottery!

    Also, thanks for the specific Pinterest info. I have deliberately ignored it with loathing, since it seems to be based on using everyone else’s hard work, and only has the page link in a small place on the side. But from what you’re saying, people click through anyway, so it is useful for traffic. I’m a cartoonist, and like any artist, not sure if anyone would click after they see entire image (part of humor is the surprise of it), but it does make me take a second look at it, so thanks for this!

  2. says

    How cool that you’re sharing your incomes and blogging ideas here so freely – love it! My question though is, how do I go about best finding a pinterest board that is shared? I have one with my mom, but only to share images I think she should see… 🙂 Or maybe I should start one on my own? I don’t pin my own images, but reading your post makes me think maybe I should try it…

    Thanks for a great post!

  3. says

    I just restarted my blog – it isn’t monitized at the moment because I haven’t really decided what direction I want to go with it. Great advice on Pinning. I noticed that my followers numbers did start going up when I started pinning to group boards. I have also found that it doesn’t really matter what time I Pin – I get re-pins and follows at all times of the days. I think alot of it depends more on pinning qualiy content with great photos onto specific boards. I recently went through my boards and seperated some of them so they were more specific. I had 400+ pins on a board called colors but then I seperated them onto seperate color boards. I have gotten more followers since because people like some colors more than others, just an example. Great post and congrats on your July!

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