Blogging: Income – August 2013

August 2013 Income Collage


This month has been insane around the blog.  There’s been good stuff, me pulling my hair out, and lots of smiles for my first really big income month.  It just kind of happened this way, but I’m still excited to see a four digit income.  Okay, deets.



Income | $1,324.21

Clever Girls Collective – Fresh & Easy  $125.00

Collective Bias – Smart & Final  $20

Pinch of Yum Affiliate  $22.80

Pollinate – RubberMaid All Access Organizers  $200.00

The SITS Girls – Home Depot Payment #2  $450.00

Social Spark – Unilever Ice Creams  $100.00

Google AdSense (June & July)  $217.41

Virtual Assistant  $124.00

Blog Design  $65.00

Expenses | $64.97

Photobucket  $2.99

Blended 2013 Blog Conference Ticket  $41.99

InLinkz Subscription for 1 year  $19.99

Total Income $1,259.24


So I’m up about $900 from last month and $600 from my highest month since I started tracking.  The majority of this change is from my second Home Depot post payment.  Even without that payment I’m still on an upswing compared to previous months.  Yay for progress.


I had another post start to go viral on Pinterest at the end of the month.  I’m definitely seeing the traffic increase in my September traffic (I’ll show you next month).  I’ll take 6,000+ pins in 12 days…a thank you.  Double yay for Jack Daniel’s Bacon Mac and Cheese.  Speaking of Jack, I’m super jealous that Mike gets to go to the Jack Daniel’s distillery the beginning of next week.  It’s his second visit, but this time they’re going to Brown-Foreman’s cooperage (where they make the Jack barrels) and the Woodford Reserve Distillery.  I’m so jealous of his job perks.


Aug 3


Back to business.  Traffic.  Numbers are still on an upswing.  Woo!


Aug 1



Nice and above to 1,500 mark per day for the most part.  Oh I can’t wait for fall and holiday numbers to kick in.  Last December I was sitting pretty.  If only I had ads in place then and new what I was doing.


Pinterest is still my biggest referral, now surprise there.  Ashton’s blog is still second, and I was delighted to see Paula was next up on my list.  Paula included me in a couple of her tailgating recipe round ups, and it looks like people liked what they saw.


aug 4



Good to see Facebook has finally decided to join the referral list.  It’s cool to see that my contributors are generating traffic back to me as well.  Deb from Cooking on the Front Burners referrals are based purely off her re-posting of recipes she contributes to me.  Too cool!  It’s all coming full circle.  I love my team, their work, and that I’m working with my friends.  One of the ladies did have to step down to focus on her schooling, but my aunt is stepping in to take her place.  So you’ll be able to find health & wellness and healthy recipe posts one or two times a month in addition to the normal WLOW fare.


I feel like my biggest accomplishment this month is really starting my virtual assistant business.  I’m offering my services to other bloggers to help ease their work load.  There are a variety of areas I’m offering my assistance in.  You can see more on my virtual assistant page.  My aunt was actually my first client.  I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff for her, and a full blog design as well.  She’s loving the new look, and I’m happy that she’s happy.  She calls me her blog coach now.  Love it!  I’ve picked a few new clients for September who are very happy with everything so far.  Hopefully this business will expand and help me reach the end game of blogging for my full income.


I had a great time making over Cindy’s blog, and I’m really grateful to work with someone I know for my first not-me blog design.  I was worried about meeting someone else’s needs and not seeing eye-to-eye, but I figured things out and learned to let go to make someone else happy.  And my design for my gf Kerri is more of less done.  I had a blast working with her.  We totally got each other and she was on board with all my choices from the get go.  Weeeeee!  Haha.


Okay in all seriousness, the VA thing is like the best.  I am pouring A LOT more time into being online, and it’s a challenge to manage my time.  But I’m loving the networking and connections I’m making.  I’ve been reading most of these gals for a while and it’s fun to work closely with them.  Oh!  And keep your fingers crossed for me.  I auditioned for a new contributor job this week I’m really excited for.  I’m not sure I’ll get it, but it’d be so cool if I did.


Have a kick ass September loves!




    • Julie says

      Not at all! Reading Pinch of Yum’s is what inspired me to try to start my go-big-or-go-home plan of attack. Thanks for reading!

    • Julie says

      Thanks Rachel. I was a little nervous with it being my first go for someone else, but she had definite ideas which makes it easier to let the client guide.

  1. says

    I love this- CONGRATS my friend!!!!

    I have to ask 2 things-

    1- how popular are these posts? I have been thinking about doing them myself but not sure if I want to devote a whole day’s post to it unless it’s worth it vs a recipe.

    2- how many Google ad spaces do you have? My numbers per day are around the same but the ad income from that is way different.

    Anyhow- I’m super glad you post these. It prompted me to add up my Aug income & now I need to start taking a better look at where it’s all going. Aug was a good month for me but I guess since it comes in little bits at a time it’s harder to track where it goes & it disappears quickly. 🙂 I also am feeling the push for Sept- as at the moment I will come in at about half of where I was in Aug. Hmmmm.

    Okay- sorry for the book. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • Julie says

      Hi Gina! I get some good feedback on these posts, and they’re becoming more popular…but nothing crazy. I have one of my blog friends tell me her gf makes like $600 on her 3 google ads each month with about the same traffic. I have my custom channels set up, but apparently not the right/best way. I would die/pay/beg for someone who is doing well to help me set up my channels better. I’ve been Googling a better way to do it. I also bumped my side bar ad above the fold this week to see if that helps too. And I need to learn how to back fill. There’s just so much!! Are you doing well with your ads? If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them. 🙂 It’s nice having these reports for myself too. It’ll make tax season easier later.

      • says

        I’m someone else who loves that people are starting to share their reports. When I first started blogging for income years ago everyone talked about the money they made from their blogs but they weren’t always showing the proof.

        I’ve linked to you as someone who does on my food blog in the “resource” section because I know a ton of people want to see proof and I hope no matter what niche they choose, they can see that money can be made from blogging.

        I started on the Genesis framework and went through a few themes and I have to say, I really love the design you have here. I’ve been going through your old posts (I actually found you through Pinch of Yum) and I’m loving the pattern on this design!)

        Back fill is still a great mystery to me. I wish their was a class on that.

        Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. says

    Your Income Reports are so helpful!! Congrats on the increase in traffic! I didn’t start blogging more seriously until after the holidays last year, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of traffic during the holidays. I’m trying not to get overexcited, but it will be nice to see an increase after the summer dip. =)

  3. says

    omg, we did the Woodford Reserve tour (and the whole Bourbon Tour in KY) 2 years ago and the Woodford Reserve tour was by far the best tour all the 10 or so we did! He’ll have a blast. I so wish you could go, you’d love it. I wasn’t a bourbon drinker until then, but I do appreciate it now. We have not done the JD tour yet and it’s actually the closest to us at only about 2 hours away! Every time we have it planned something comes up! Maybe we could do it together!! I love this post of yours each month, it so inspires me!!

    • Julie says

      We need to make this playdate happen. Oh, and Mike is going to Miss Mary BoBo’s too. That’s how I got him to buy me the Jack Daniel’s Cookbook. He ate there and wanted their recipes.

    • Julie says

      Hi Marni!! Haberdashery is one of my most favorite words ever!! Oh your comment made me so happy for seeing your blog name alone. 🙂 I’m glas you liked the post. Nice to meet you.

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