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Oh my gosh you guys!  There are only 9 more days until Christmas!!  I’m just about through my shopping list (woohoo!), but there’s someone special at our house who doesn’t always get the attention she deserves.  So this year I’m going all out for Maggie and getting her some great pet gifts, and I’m using Walgreens Holiday Guide to hook her up.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 9

Maggie has been with us for about six years, and we got her when she was four or five.  She’s a great dog, and has always been good with the boys.  She even went all mama bear when Otto was born.  If he cried, she’d stand guard at the crib until Mike or I came to get him.  She’s just a big old sweetie.  But she’s getting old, and to be honest I’m not sure how much longer she’ll be with us.  So I wanted to give her the best Christmas ever.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 1

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 2

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 11

{Did I mention she’s part Predator?}

While I was looking at all the pet goodies at Walgreens I found the perfect present for Maggie.  She LOVES chewing on water bottles.  I’m not sure if it’s the satisfying crunching sound or the texture, but she can’t get enough.  And that little green sheep in the picture up there, that’s her 3rd one.  Needless to say she likes stuffed toys too.  This water bottle cruncher elephant give her the best of both, and if she destroys the water bottle we can just slip a new one in.  {Never forget to look on the bottom shelf.}

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 3

Fair warning, if you take your kids shopping with you, and the pet supply aisle and toy aisle share the same row…your trip my go a little something like this:

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 12

Me:  Hmmm…what to get Maggie?  There are so many choices.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 4

Otto:  Mom!  Can we get this?

Me:  You don’t have any money.

Otto:  No, for Christmas.

Me:  We’re here to get something for Maggie.

Otto:  PLEASE!

Me:  Let me take a picture. If there’s a picture it’s on your Christmas List

Otto:  Okay.

Fun, but it makes you focus on what you want to really get for your pet, and fast.  Since Maggie’s gotten older, we’ve started getting her soft treats and then giving her bones sometimes.  These Milk Bone chicken flavored soft treats are a great change of taste for her.  I think she’s really going to loved the bacon and sweet potato chewies too.  But those rawhide bones are her favorite.  The smaller size makes them easier for her to manage.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 13

I walked around the store a little more, and found an entire end cap filled with all kinds of pet gifts.  There were sweaters (although I’m sure AZ is quite cold enough for that), pre-made stockings with treats, a plastic fire hydrant, and lots of other stuff.  It was great to have some not-so-regular gift ideas for Mags.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 5

The boys are so excited to give Maggie her stocking for Christmas.  We hung it up on the wall with all the other stockings.  The elephant didn’t fit in the stocking, so we’re going to just put a big bow on him for her, but the boys won’t stop talking about Maggie’s presents.  I’m so glad we are getting to do something special for her this year.  Luckily with Walgreens’ pet supply, dog toy, and dog biscuit selection getting everything was a breeze.

Walgreens Pet Gift Ideas #shop 10


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