December 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas // The Chocolate Lover

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This time of year my head is running wild with gift ideas.  We have seven birthdays, Christmas, and work holiday parties all through out December.  Coming up with new and interesting gifts is a challenge with so many people to please.  But this year at least one gift is a breeze with ChocolatRouge – I’m making a chocolate lover’s gift pack!


ChocolatRouge Chocolate Lover's Gift Pack  {content for 21+} #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolatRouge #shop


I’m so using this for the white elephant exchange at this year’s company Christmas party.  Last years’ exchange was fun, and about 1/3 of the gifts brought were alcohol.  We’re waiters and waitresses and we like to relax with a drink, so bottles are an easy choice.  Every one at work LOVES that I bring in extra baked goods, so I’m throwing those in the mix too.  While this present may seem a little on the girly side, any chocolate lover would flip out for all the goodies inside.


ChocolatRouge Chocolate Lover's Gift Pack  {content for 21+} #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolatRouge #shop


In my gift pack, I’m including a peppermint bark scented candle (chocolate & mint!), a little stash of homemade chocolate cookies, one of my fave chocolate candies, and a bottle of ChocolatRouge Milk Chocolate wine.  Now if you just had an “Oh my god!  Did she say chocolate wine?  Huh?  Should I be saying ewww?” reaction, let me help.  Yes.  Deep breath.  NO!


Before trying ChocolatRouge, I had never had chocolate wine.  I’d seen it around for years, but the whole idea of red wine and chocolate mixed together just seemed wrong in my brain for whatever reason.  I love drinking wine, I love chocolate, and they pair really well together.  But for the life of me I’ve been scared to take a sip, and freaked out by the whole idea.  I’m not scared any more, and I’m going to help you wrap your brain around this too.


ChocolatRouge Chocolate Lover's Gift Pack  {content for 21+} #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolatRouge #shop


Forget the red wine part, I think that’s what freaked me out – I don’t know.  Think of ChocolatRouge as a creamy, chocolate cocktail that’s sweet with a little alcohol bite to it.  Now you can remember that there’s wine in it, because it’s not really a cocktail, it’s chocolate wine.  Seriously though, it’s good.  I mean hello, it’s a 98 point wine!  I grabbed a bottle of the ChocolatRouge Wine Milk Chocolate in the wine section at my local store (you see if your local store carries ChocolatRouge HERE), and while I was checking out the cashier asked if I had this wine before.  I said no, and she proceeded to recommend chilling it and having a glass with dessert.  She’d had it before and really liked it.  I told her I was scared to try it, and she helped put my mind at ease.  I’m so glad she did.


ChocolatRouge Chocolate Lover's Gift Pack  {content for 21+} #Cheers2Chocolate #ChocolatRouge #shop


So be on the lookout co-workers.  A big box of chocolate goodness and yummy ChocolatRouge wine is in your future!


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