How to Properly Clean and Season Your Cast Iron Skillet

You know what’s kind of fun?  Contributing for other blogs.  I never thought it would be something I did, but now I’m a contributor for 3 different blogs.  I put together some of those amazing collections over at Something Swanky.  I share a main dish recipe once a month over at My Favorite Finds.  Every other month I share kitchen how to’s (and coming soon homemade cleaners, hopefully, I’m scared) at Around My Family Table.  And now I’m a Pinterest Explorer for Cupcake Project! {Which means I get to pin to her collaborative cupcake boards, cool huh?}  I love pushing myself to do other things, help friends, and grow my audience – on my blog or not.


I’ve been toying with the idea of having my own contributors.  Just to balance the work load a little, have some fresh content about new topics, and connect with some new people.  I just don’t know where to begin, who to ask, how to accept applications, if anyone would want to write for me…it’s all just crazy and a brand new idea.  *sigh*  Maybe, I’ll probably be asking the ladies I work with for tips.  But if I did take contributors, what topics would you want to see on WLOW your don’t now?  Beauty, nails, fashion, healthy stuff/GF, diy, gardening, talk to me!!  :)




Since we’re talking about contributing, this is my first contribution post for Around My Family Table.  I love my cast iron skillet.  It has a special place in my heart.  I remember my grandma’s skillet fondly from when I was little, and a few years ago my mom bought me my own cast iron skillet.  It was a very happy birthday.  I wanted to make sure my skillet would last forever – cause they can if you treat them right.  Click of to Wendy’s to find out howto love on your black beauty.


How Properly Clean and Season Your Cast Iron Skillet


    • Julie says

      I needed that today Paula. You’re the best. I’m seriously rethinking EVERYTHING about my blog right now.

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